About Wynstone

What special features are available at Wynstone?

The concept of Wynstone was developed in 1995. Gateway was growing rapidly at the time. The investors saw a need for an alternative to The Dunes. They envisioned a place with larger lots and much more open space but with the security of a gated community. Approximately 600 acres of land was purchased from the Dailey family and the engineering and design of the Community began.

  • Children's Park
  • Regulation Basketball Court
  • Regulation Size Pickleball Court
  • Lakes
  • Lighted Shelter with Picnic Areas
  • Access to Adams Nature Preserve Trails

Front Gate Hours of Operation

  • The gates will be OPEN from 6AM to 9AM and 3PM to 6PM Monday through Friday.
  • The gates will be CLOSED all day Saturday and Sunday except for Special Occasions/Events (ie Realtor Open Houses on Sundays).

Occasional deviations from the schedule may occur such as; weather, particular holidays/events, repairs, etc.

Where is Wynstone?

• Wynstone, a gated community, is located in Jefferson, South Dakota, just 2 miles west of McCook Lake.

Is Wynstone a new development?

• Development at Wynstone began in 1997.

How many lots are available at Wynstone?

Phase I has a total of 122 lots.
Phase II has a total of 91 lots.

Why Wynstone?

The investors chose not to set up a CID in order to do financing for the community, but instead chose to put in the infrastructure themselves and then build the cost into the price of the lots. In doing so, the future residents would not be inheriting any long term debt. The streets and the grading of the entire development were done by the developers. Wynstone Waterworks was set up to provide the infrastructure for the water system. The original system was built to accommodate approximately 100 residences. Once that limit was nearly reached, the water system was sold to Clay Rural Water Systems. CWRS was in a better position to build the rest of the infrastructure including the expansion of the water treatment plant and the addition of the water tower, because they could spread the costs of those additions over a much larger base than just the Wynstone residents. Midwest Energy put in the gas lines for the community, Union County Electric put in the electrical utilities, CableOne put in the communications network. Long Lines also provided communication services.

The entire community has a Master Site Plan. Due to the proximity to the river, the master plan put the lowest basement or walkout floor level to be well above the 100 year flood level. Because the community has no storm drain system, the master site plan needed a design which would make water flow out of Wynstone and, in certain areas, would flow to two collection points for water in which case it could be pumped out of the community. One of those points is in the center of the greens area in Brookside where a pump is placed at elevation 1092 in order to pump excess rain water from that collection point into the ponds. The second collection point, also at elevation 1092, is located next to the Nature Preserve behind 946 Wynstone Drive. There is a gravity flow line that goes from the west pond to the river to allow for vacation of excess water from heavy rains from the ponds. The ponds allow for collection of excess water and also allow for irrigation using non potable but aerated water. Each lot has a site plan which ties back to the master community plan. The ponds provide water for irrigation and also provide adequate water for fire protection.

The community is subject to a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for both Phase I and Phase II which are often referred to as simply the “Covenants”. The Covenants and the Bylaws of the Association are filed with the deeds for the property. The Covenants are administered by the Wynstone Homeowners Association, which is a South Dakota non-profit corporation. By 2001, the Wynstone Homeowners Association Board was comprised entirely of residents from the community. The Board is responsible for overseeing the general maintenance of the common areas, including street repair and snow removal. All common areas must be maintained in a safe and attractive way to maintain the aesthetics of the community and to protect property values. The Board also appoints an Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) with the responsibility for reviewing all plans for all building structures and landscaping. It is the responsibility of the ARC to see that all building is done in compliance with the Covenants and that any grading or landscaping plans will not alter the water flow through the master plan of the community.

The concept of a planned community carries with it certain minimum requirements on residents and also some restrictions on construction and certain activities. The end result is an area of great aesthetics as well as safety and security. The residents are in control of all aspects of their community environment.

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